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I am so incredibly happy I got the chance to meet Beth Eaton a few weeks ago.  And frankly, it couldn’t have happened at a better time.  Donele, Store Marketing Manager of the Milwaukee Art Museum, had asked me to tag along with her while she interviewed Beth as a featured artist for an upcoming blog post.  I had the simple task to photograph her studio (in silence I presume!) but instead found myself getting caught up in their conversation as soon as I heard Beth mention two things. The AMC series, Breaking Bad, and this thing called “balance” which just does not exist in my life.  While Breaking Bad is obviously the best thing that has ever happened to television, I was more intrigued this time by what she had to say about balance.   Beth is married, has two children, is a stay at home mom/artist/volunteer/ceramics teacher…  is super active in her Bayview community, is a regular participant in many of Milwaukee’s art fairs, and somehow still has time to breathe.  I was baffled, overwhelmed, and very inspired.  I had been feeling like a super shitty mommy/wife/photographer/business owner/my own personal merry maid service/etc., etc. for a long time now.  I started this year off by rearranging my priorities.  I no longer wanted to keep telling my kiddo, “just a minute”. Or tell my husband “I’ll see you in the morning, just have to catch up on a few things in the office.”  But was finding myself going back to old ways just before Beth’s interview.  Beth (probably seeing the stress lines in my face) graciously reassured me that while it’s difficult in the beginning, it will happen.  She took a year off from pursuing ceramics right after her second child was born.  Just that simple statement alone was a pleasant reminder that family comes first.  We live in such a fast paced world, our lack of patience often gets the best of us.  We want to have thriving successful lives, but really we already do.  We just have to take time to notice that!  Beth is living proof that there is indeed a way to merge what you love – with family, home, and lifestyle.  I’ll figure that out someday…  And if it takes awhile, well then it takes awhile.  Rome wasn’t built in a night ;)  And at least I now know it’s possible!


Thanks for inviting us into your studio and beautiful home!  You are truly a huge inspiration for all women artists, but especially for those of us with children.  It can be done!



*Be sure to check out Beth’s interview here!  And visit the Milwaukee Art Museum’s, Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American Art exhibition.  You’ll find Beth’s awesome pottery in the Museum’s exhibition store!*

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I am slightly obsessed with this line of pottery she’s creating right now.  Seriously.  How friggin’ cute are these?!

Little creations made by Beth’s children.  Love…


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