Milwaukee Lifestyle Photography // Inside the studio of (h(om)e) handbags

It feels very appropriate to introduce this blog to you today, as it is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!  For those of you who don’t personally know me, here’s a super brief background ;)  Before I made the decision to pursue photography full-time, I worked at the Milwaukee Art Museum as a buyer for the Museum’s Store.  The biggest perk this position held was that I was able to meet and work with extraordinarily talented artists from all over the country.  And it was also just a tad bit nice to be able to shop with someone else’s money… which semi-fulfilled my “at home” shopping void.  Every so often, our Store Marketing Manager, Donele, would highlight product for sale in the Museum Store.  This time around, she chose to interview Heather Hambrecht of (h(om)e) handbags located right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I had already left the museum, but she kindly asked if I would tag along and shoot some photos of Heather’s studio to complement her interview.  I shouted YES without hesitation ;)  Not only because Heather is amazing and her handbags are to die for, but also because I had recently become obsessed with documenting (through photographs) the environments in which people live and work in.  (See a recent blog post from this past summer featuring Caitlin).

The day finally came, and Donele and I walked into what felt like Heather’s own private little museum.  I honestly had no idea what to expect.  I knew it was going to be awesome, but this was beyond that. Everything was so organized.  I immediately asked her if she had cleaned just for us in which she politely declined and implied that it was usually like this.  *Oh my gosh.  I just have to say, if I ever get that organized, my life will be complete.*  Heather is renowned for turning eco-conscious remnants of local leather into beautiful works of wearable art.  And her studio was created in the exact same likeness.  Everywhere I looked, I saw recognizable objects being used in unconventional ways.  The way she had lit her studio was absolutely amazing. Transparent tubing hung from the ceiling while creating this magnificent glow.  And then along the exposed brick wall sat an old computer part illuminating light through it’s little openings.  Collections of miscellaneous objects were grabbing my attention left and right.  As these photographs will tell, this studio was decorated so simply, but so very carefully.

So Wisconsinites, here’s my plug for Small Business Saturday – After you get done checking out this post (and possibly booking a session with my small business *wink wink*), get yourselves out in your communities and search for something as unique and incredible as (h(om)e) handbags. Heather’s one-of-a-kind handbags are available for purchase at the Milwaukee Art Museum Store, and nation-wide at select retailers.

Going back to my obsession with peoples’ interior spaces… Contact me if you have an environment you think you might like documented!  I’d LOVE to chat and network with you!

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  • Melissa

    on November 26, 2012  10:25 PM

    What an amazing space!! I have to assume they love coming to work everyday :) Such fun and unique bags as well!

  • Brandy

    on November 27, 2012  4:49 AM

    What a gorgeous studio!! Those floors are to die for!

  • Christine

    on November 27, 2012  6:23 AM

    What an AMAZING workspace - took my breath away. Her work is beautiful, as is yours, Megan. Your attention to all the little details is what truly tells this story.

  • Christine Keegan Hamrick

    on November 27, 2012  12:22 PM

    What an AMAZING workspace - took my breath away. Her work is beautiful, as is yours, Megan. Your attention to all the little details is what truly tells this story.

  • Katie Timmerman Dudley

    on November 27, 2012  11:36 PM

    Oh my gosh I am IN LOVE with that space! Love all the details you captured.